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The Department of Health Sciences is comprised of two undergraduate programs, medical laboratory science and respiratory therapy, and a graduate program in applied health physiology. Each program provides a curriculum that prepares graduates for national certification in their fields of study. Changes in healthcare are constant and fast-paced, and the department strives to keep the curriculum current and the resources modern and state-of-the art. Not only does the department employ traditional learning with lectures and laboratories, but it also leverages technology for the optimum student experience in a safe environment. Students then enter their clinical internships better prepared to deliver a high level of patient care. Graduates with healthcare majors are in high demand, especially from high quality programs, and the department enjoys excellent student outcomes. All three programs enjoy top tier rates of graduates passing licensing and credentialing exams as well as job placement, and the department is eager to maintain these high standards.

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There are a wide range of needs of the Department of Health Sciences for instructional technology, computer simulations, laboratory instrumentation, student research funding, and the like. Your investment no matter the size, combined with others, will provide opportunities for students to apply skills learned in the classroom to real situations and ultimately improve medical care wherever they go.

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