Support Student Supplemental Instruction Leaders!

Supplemental Instruction A Project of The Center for Student Achievement

This semester there are 71 SI leaders for 95 different courses. SI leaders help students become more prepared for classes, more involved on campus, and more likely to return each semester. Alumni who have benefited from the guidance and assistance of an SI course understand the importance of having additional instruction from students who understand the coursework.

The CSA estimates that the work of these leaders saves the university $500,000 each year! Despite this, the organization has limited funding to pay Supplemental Instruction leaders for their work. Additional funding through alumni gifts will help the CSA provide pay for more SI leaders as well as updated course textbooks and other program expenses. The CSA currently has a goal of $3,000, the estimated cost of providing updated textbooks to this year's SI leaders.

How can YOU make a difference?

Your gift to support Supplemental Instruction leaders will make an impact in several areas, such as helping to provide textbooks, technology and pay for much-needed student leaders. Your gift, combined with others, will make a difference.

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