Salisbury University Annual Giving

Phonathon Program

Salisbury University Annual Giving

Hello callers! Please use this page to process credit card gifts during Phonathon by following the "Credit Card Processing Instructions" which can be found in the U: Drive.

This page will assist you in verifying alumni information as you re-enter it. Remember to ask and select an answer for all required questions. If an alum does not have an email address, they will not be able to use this page to complete their transaction. Please select pledge on the phonathon form or copy down all required payment information and immediately deliver it to the Phonathon manager.

Always REPEAT BACK card information. If an error occurs, repeat the information back to the alum once before asking if they have another card they could possibly use. After completing the transaction, the alum will immediately receive an email receipt for tax purposes. They will also receive an automatic thank you email.

Please contact Michelle with any questions.

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