Support Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities!

The mission of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (OURCA) at Salisbury University (SU) is to cultivate a vibrant environment of undergraduate scholarship through supporting faculty-student mentorship at all levels. Engaging in faculty mentored scholarly collaborations empowers students with independent critical engagement skills, helps build meaningful relationships with faculty, strengthens student learning outcomes, increases success in graduate and professional fields, and positively impacts societal engagement skills.

Your support will be valuable in encouraging emerging undergraduate researchers cultivate their spirit of inquiry through pursuing mentored research in ways that would not be possible otherwise. OURCA's goal is to bring out the spirit of inquiry in all students at Salisbury University and support ideas that can help make a difference in our students' lives but also in how they contribute to society in meaningful ways.

How Can YOU Make a Difference?

Your gift to the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities will make an impact in several programs such as:

  • Women in STEM mentored research grant for undergraduate women in STEM disciplines
  • Freshman Researcher grants for freshmen who will develop their mentored research during their freshmen year
  • Innovative Undergraduate Researcher grants for any student mentored project that excels on the criteria of being innovative
  • Strength in Diversity grant for students whose proposal either targets, addresses, or is centered upon strengths of diversity in achieving its goal
  • Freshman to Senior Researcher grant for student(s) whose mentored research demonstrates/promises development through their undergraduate tenure with a graduate school and scholarship application in their final year.

Your gift, combined with others, will make a difference.

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