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The Center for Student Achievement (CSA) offers an array of academic success programs such as academic coaching, academic workshops, Supplemental Instruction, and tutoring that are designed to maximize every Salisbury University student's potential for achievement.

In collaboration with Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, the mission of the CSA is to enhance student learning, academic success and personal growth through engagement in the Salisbury University academic community. The Center for Student Achievement provides holistic support to all undergraduate students in their pursuit of personal and academic goals.

The CSA's Services include:

- Academic Coaching
- Supplemental Instruction
- Tutoring
- Workshops
- Academic Recovery Program
- Scholar Holler

How can you help?

A gift today to the Center for Student Achievement will give our office the resources to support our students with tutoring, supplemental instruction and materials to help them to continue to be successful. Your gift, combined with others, will make a difference.

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1101 Camden Avenue
Salisbury, MD 21801

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    SI: Great cause and great resource.
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    Thank you for helping SU students!
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    For the 2015 Senior Class Gift – Student Crisis Fund.
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    Happy to support my fellow educators!
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    Sure wish we had this option to raise funding when I was in school. Good luck!
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    SI is doing great things and deserves the support!
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